Lucian Glenny

Experimental physics graduate and web analytics guy from Brighton, UK.

I graduated from the University of Sussex in 2015. I work in web analytics, specialising in Google Analytics and implementing analytics infrastructure via Google Tag Manager.

I currently work at Net Natives, where I focus on delivering web analytics implementation and training for colleges, universities, and local authorities.

More about me

Academic work

During my studies, my main research focus was in applying scientific computing methods to the analysis of large experimental datasets. Projects I've worked on include analysing the influence of galaxy environments on their properties, and comparing calibration data from the SNO+ detector with Monte Carlo simulations.

Web analytics

Since I entered the field of web analytics, I've provided data collection and reporting frameworks for a number of Further and Higher Education institutions in the UK and beyond. I specialise in identifying gaps in measurement and reporting capability, and implementing data collection using Google Tag Manager. Get in touch if you'd like to talk about web analytics.

Creative projects

Outside of work I enjoy recording, producing, and mixing music. Currently I'm working on sound design, mixing, and recording vocals for my band's first EP. I have a keen interest in applying the programming techniques that I've learned to music production, and am currently working on creating a simple software synthesiser.

I've lived in Brighton for five years.